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general repair

As as leading automotive company in the Royse City area, we are proud to offer clients with exceptional results on their auto A/C recharge, transmission repair, and brake replacements services. Our team of professionals is guaranteed to supply you with incredible results on your automotive repair needs. Rest assured that when you are looking for honest and reliable car repair, Southwest Car Care is the team for you. Whether you are in need of car repairs, air conditioning services or transmission replacements we have the skill to exceed your needs.

Brake Repair 

Are you looking for a team of professionals to equip you with the most honest and reliable brake repair services? We are proud to supply our clients with the best results on brake inspections, brake pad replacements and caliper or rotor services. Maintain the quality of your vehicle with our routine brake inspection services.

auto ac repair

If it is a hot day outside and your vehicle’s air conditioner won’t seem to turn cold, this may be a sign that you are in need of an A/C recharge or freon service. Our team of professionals can provide you with A/C system inspections to uncover issues like leaks or broken pipes that are preventing you from the cool air your deserve

Muffler Repair

One of the most important parts on your car is the muffler. Its important to keep your muffler well maintained. Its very essential to preventing unnecessary stress and damages to your engine and exhaust system.

Transmission Repair

If you find yourself with a vehicle that is humming or whining, has a burning smell, delayed response or is leaking fluid, you may need transmission repair. We offer transmission fluid flushes as well as rebuilds, replacements, and simple repairs. Our mechanics offer incredible transmission services at affordable prices.


Hub bearings is the system that keeps your tires rolling smoothly and free; your vehicle has four total wheel bearings. If worn out these bearings can cause your steering wheel to shake and vibrate vigorously. It is important not to drive with a vehicle like this, and receive immediate repairs from our mechanics at Southwest Car Care.  


As the owner of a vehicle it is critical to maintain the condition of your radiator. Common issues that can arise are failed thermostat, leaking radiator hose, cooling system malfunctions and a failed radiator fan. Our expert radiator specialists can provide you with with repairs and replacements to meet your specific needs.

Water Pumps

Our water pump replacement services can take any where from 30 minutes to 7 hours for a complete replacements. If you find that your water pump is damaged, choose our team of expert mechanics to provide you with incredible water pump replacements services today. We ensure quality results and affordable costs.


When you find that you vehicle is pulling you towards the curb or gutter, you may be in need of immediate alignment. Vehicle alignment and pulling can put a lot of distress on your tires, causing them to wear or bald more quickly. It is important to receive routine alignments to maintain the quality of your vehicle.


Our team of exceptional welders are confident and skilled in providing clients with the best exhaust welding services. We also offer our welding expertise for things such as mufflers as well. We guarantee to provide you with the most superior welding services.


When you find that you suspension is off, allow one of our incredible mechanics to assist you. Our suspension repair services include springs, shock absorbers, linkages and other suspension repair needs. Rest assured that our honest team guarantees to provide you with the most superb suspension repair services.


Preventitive Maintenance

With our preventative maintenance services, you can help maintain the quality and life of your vehicle for years to come. We offer a variety of services that can prevent unexpected and extensive damage from occurring in the future. Keeping up the maintenance of your vehicle can reduce the possibility of breaking down and save you money in the future, with major repairs. These are a few services that we provide for Preventative maintenance. We offer so much more!

brake inspection

Do you hear squealing noise when applying your brakes?  Its always important to make sure that your brakes are in proper working order. This is dangerous because your vehicle won't stop as quickly, and it can be expensive to repair

oil change

An oil change consists of removing the old oil from a vehicle's engine and replacing it with new, fresh oil. Old oil is less effective at lubricating the engine and absorbing heat. Without lubrication, the moving joints in the engine will start rubbing against each other and cause premature wear. 

tire pressure checks

If you hear noises coming from your tires, it maybe air escaping the tire.  Th escaping air will affect pressure substantially. Proper tire inflation means that you'll have the best possible control of your vehicle and get higher fuel efficiency. 

fluid fills 

Besides an oil change there are other fluids that need to be checked and refilled to maintain the life of your vehicle. Doing so on a regular basis keeps your car running well and your repair costs down. A few fluids are Brake Fluids, transmission fluids, power steering and so much.