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Auto air conditioning 

There are many issues that can go wrong with your vehicles automotive air conditioner. Whether you are in need of repairs or replacements we have all of the tools to exceed your expectations. Many clients come to our shop with leaking air conditioner parts. You may be experiencing a lack of cool air or no air at all.

We will inspect your automobile’s air conditioner for malfunctioning compressor, or a clogged condenser. To recharge your A/C system it could take up to an hour. Some signs that show you may be in need of an A/C recharge would be on hot days your vehicle only blowing hot air. We ensure to check for leaks and breaks in your lines as well. 

Quality results with us

If our honest mechanics find that your vehicle’s air conditioning is in need of replacement we can help you as well. For a vehicle A/C replacement it could take up to 3-12 hours for proper results. Rest assured that when you choose our team of outstanding mechanics you will never be disappointed, call us today at (972) 587-7565 and learn more about our superior automotive services.